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We have a range of health and beauty treatments that ensured that the client would get their value leaving relaxed and pampered. Our range includes Lipo Laser slimming, body wraps, chili slimming, facials and different types of messages that will benefit your health. Our beauty treatments include waxing, manicures, pedicures and permanent make-up this is only some of our treatments La Bella Vie offer. View our price list below to get the full treatment we offer.


There are a full range of services for women, men and children and that include cutting, colouring, styling. We recommend treatments that are needed for your hair with the use of top-quality products that have been proven. The full price list is below to view all our Hairdresser services


We use the best products on our clients, La Bella Vie believes that the products make the difference and quality. We pride ourselves on quality of our products that will produce results and leave customers happy. We offer theses product to our clients.

What else we provide?

Fake Bake / Spray Tan

Get a flawless, beautiful golden tan without the sun this summer with Fake Bake, the World’s No 1 self-tan. The self-tan products are boosted with 3 active ingredients for natural-looking, long-lasting tan that does not streak or make your skin orange and fragrances with a beautiful tropical smell and a guide colour to allow for easy application.

Tan Can

Many of our clients do not have time to keep up with their bronzed body and life of work and stress leaves them looking pale, we have a solution for you with only a couple of minutes a week you can keep your bronzed body all year round come see our Tan Can.

Studex Piercing

We offer nose and ear piercings to adults and children. Piercing should be safe and painless and the most effective way to do this is with Studex.

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About us


We have been around since 2010 in Norkem Park Mall and have worked and grown our small business over the years, La Bella Vie started because there was demand for some service that other salons did not offer, this is where La Bella Vie open with a number of new services that specialized in quality products at affordable prices.

At La Bella Vie we know that customers come first and are represented in the market place as the quality of your services so we have made it our goal to give the best quality to each client we get leaving them an impression to showcase the quality received.

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